About the Artist

Serpentina (also known as Kirsten) is a self-taught artist based in Riverside county, Southern California.

Art has been apart of her since very early ages of life, and as a teenager she began to dive deeper into drawing and painting as an expressive outlet. From drawing portraits of people she admires, to painting landscapes, she always was searching for a way to make her art more eloquent.

Now as an adult, Serpentina has found her style--mostly consisting of monochromatic color palettes and dark, emotional art. Her motive is to speak to others through her art, in hopes that they can resonate with them. Everyone is going to feel a different way when looking at her art, which is why it makes it so special for her. Turning what are usually dark subjects into something colorful to provoke a deeper meaning is what Serpentina strives to portray in each artwork she produces.